Saturday, May 12, 2007


So this is it, folks: a milestone in history. The introduction of a word the world has never seen before, or at least I would think not, given that, until now, a google search would not return a result. A new verbal meme is born, this one out of the strange dreams of...well, me. For in a dream it was born, uttered by someone else, and I turned to the person beside me, in my dream that is, and said "Űbelpeeking?? There's no such word. What's he talking about?"

Ahh, yes, the weird stuff we do in our dreams. I have no idea where this one came from, but come it did.

Thing is, the word actually has content. 'Űbel' is, of course, the German word for 'Evil' and 'peek' means all sorts of things, but they all involve looking or peering at or into something in a sneaky or furtive kind of way. So űbelpeeking is basically the act of looking for (or at?) something evil in a furtive kind of way. Like you find religioids űbelpeeking around in perfectly innocuous acts of their fellow men. Or maybe you can űbelpeek in a medical scan for abnormalities. The latter may not be 'furtive' of course, but why not extend the concept a tad?

Invariably the word lends itself to modifications. Religious fanatics might be labeled
űberűbelpeekers because they look for evil everywhere; but, as is common with agglutinate neologisms, the questions now is whether we're talking about űberűbel-peekers or űber-űbelpeekers. That's a tough one and may have to become an issue of context. Then there's űbelpeekery and űbelpeekerdom, as well as űbelpeekish. And so on, I'll leave it to your imagination and the usage of the meme as it inserts itself into the English language. Or not.

As for me, I shall freak out my sword-students by telling them to be aware that I am űbelpeeking on their swordwork, as a good teacher should do.

Meanwhile, to spread the meme, feel free to use it as liberally and frequently as you please, and if anybody asks "what the..." just ask them to google it. Right now, there should only this blog's reference for the term; once it filters through to google's search engine, that is. I'm hoping that will change in due course and that the word will not just infest cyberspace but all places where English is spoken.

For google-reference here are the variations of the term:


I guess I should consider creating a wikipedia entry, but I really have more important things to do.


nanarama said...

"űbelpeekerdom"?! you are so silly, I love you. ;-)

Till said...

Yeah, so? Silly? Why? It's like...well, "Christendom' for example. The community of those who are obsessed with Übelpeekery. Sounds reasonable to me at least. Apart from that, it's nice to hear that a daughter appreciates her father's contribution to the English language. 8)