Sunday, June 24, 2007

Standoff S0114: Road Trip


When a polygamous cult leader abducts one of his wives' daughters, who had tried to escape, Matt and Emily track the RV in which they are traveling and discover a plot for revenge that could lead to the deaths of many other people, including the four women in the RV.


Matt: What was the thing Warren said about heaven?
Emily: The world has to end before heaven can begin.
Matt: Great.

What we find out:
  • Matt likes RVs and would like to travel around in one when he retires. Emily would rather go to Venice.
  • Frank doesn't like to shoot women, even if they have automatic guns pointed at him. But if they start shooting, so will he.
  • Black still looks totally cool, especially on women.

Associated thoughts:

The nice thing, if you want to call it that, about religion is—and especially for a cult leader who doesn't have to share ecclesiastic power—that you can make up the details as you go along. That's probably one of the reasons why this kind of cultism is so popular, and always has been, really. It's just that nowadays they tend to get more exposure and we all get a chance at least to hear about these morons.

However, maybe I'm being unfair to 'cults'. After all, every 'Great Religion' started off as one of those, right? As, I hasten to add, did every 'Great Ideology', and that pretty much covers it I think. So, what does that mean? Is the real difference between a 'cult' and a 'Great Religion' merely one of dates and success in the social marketplace? For, by and large, and apart from the inevitable democratization, if you want to call it that, occasioned by the spread of the cult, the inevitable death of the initial leader and the takeover of cult management and doctrinal finagling and mongering by those who follow him, the differences between religions and cults are... well, 'nuncupatory' leaps to mind. And, yes, that's a word most familiar to Vanciacs, and it's usually used in a context that would lead one to believe that it means something like 'pointlessly declarative'.

About cult leaders...

Odd thing this. Very gender-asymmetrical. It's usually men, though I'm sure a few women are in there, too. But it seems to be like this is a guy-thing: being the great leader. Sorry, ladies, but history and the occasional female, or apparently female—oops, me bad!—P.M. notwithstanding, by and large the 'leader' thingie, and especially when it comes to mindless fervor...well, the girls just don't seem to go for it. And, please, feminists, don't go ape on me here—or maybe I should say 'apette'—but methinks this is a good and positive thing, so stick to being different. It's cool. Really. Think of that recent suicide-bomber graduation video. All guys, I bet, or at least all of those that were filmed. All destined to spatter themselves in shreds across the countryside or cityscape or whatever. Just like that idiot on Road Trip was going to. I couldn't help but want to cheer when his renegade and recently-rekidnapped 'wife' belted him senseless, or maybe even killed him.

All in all a straightforward episode with Frank finally being allowed to be anything else but flippant. Pity the series got nuked, because there would have been lots more mileage in that guy. I think he should have been allowed to have the hots for Cheryl—and she for him. Ahh, the irony, at so many levels. But, alas, it isn't going to be...

As always, I liked the new episode, and I'm still occasionally puzzling about why anybody could not like this show. I've got a gazillion explanations, of course, but though I know they all probably make sense, somehow none of them do.

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