Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Standoff S0115: Lie to Me


When a young boy is abducted from the Santa Monica Pier, Emily is thrown into the middle of the crisis. The situation becomes volatile when her personal life is brought into the public eye and she must confront her demons in order to save the child.

So Emily does have some deep and dark secrets. Cool. People without deep and dark-ish secrets, by and large, tend to be dull. It's the Dark Side that makes things interesting! And Emily, by keeping the secret—which is grubby family laundry—from the FBI has pretty much nuked her ability to rise high in the ranks of the organization. "Tha glass ceiling has just become bullet-proof," Cheryl tells her, even while covering for her and the public embarrassment Emily is not only suffering herself, but also creating for her employers.

Matt, of course, despite being peeved at Emily not sharing her dark family secret when she had the chance, is Mr. Stand-by-your-mate. The two have become a definite couple, and Matt takes it very seriously. Emily is just beginning to realize that. I get the impression she likes it, though she's being reluctant to admit it.

[Sidebar: Speaking about 'established couples'. Yet again someone I know and kinda respected has walked out not only on his wife, but also on two very lovely and adorable young kids. While I try not to sit in judgment, it is hard. And, since I'm just reading The Existential Joss Whedon, let me just say that I agree 100% and without reservation that, when we make decisions abut this and that, there is none but ourselves to blame or praise. I know this is a problematic notion, because how can anything be '100%'? Still, I stand by it, and I will get back to this soon. End of sidebar.]

Lie to Me is twisted and deals with a compulsive child molester—another good candidate for a 'are we really 100% responsible for our actions?' discussion—plus Emily's screwed-up criminal sister. I didn't see Matt's final action coming. Nicely done. And I guess Emily knew what he was going to do. So, even nicerly done.

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