Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ultimate Force vs. The Unit - Parte Secunda

Back to this topic, here are the questions I asked:
  1. Given the choice of inviting any of these people into my house and having dinner with them, which of these guys would I invite?
  2. Suppose the two teams in question were set up against each other in whatever might qualify as a 'fair' confrontation—that is, one in which it would indeed depend on the teams themselves, rather than their support systems, who would have an advantage—who would I bet on as winning this thing?
  3. Given the nature of these people—after all they have to be a certain dispositions, which wouldn't exactly qualify as 'pacifist'—whom would I rather entrust my life and that of those people I care about?
Remember, we're talking about the fictional people here, OK? And, yes, this blog is probably only of interest to those who have seen both series at some stage, or parts thereof.

(1) is easy. The Unit folks any day. As human beings, I'd qualify each of them as 'interesting'. Likable, too. The Ultimate Force gang has become more like 'strangers', if that makes any sense, as the series has gone on.

(2) depends on the circumstances. I'd say if it's a straight in-the-jungle-shootout, chances are probably even. If it involves more than strictly military matters, the Unit guys would probably kick the shits out of and/or outwit the Ultimate Force without breaking into a sweat.

Interestingly the next Ultimate Force episode deals with a 'joint mission'. I'm making bets with myself as to how this British drama is going to represent the Americans this time. They have a pretty bad record. Still, I admit that, when it comes to nation-bashing, The Unit pulls few punches when taking swipes at the French, which happened in several episodes. Methinks David Mamet doesn't much like them. The Unit is also highly political in that it is openly supportive of Israel—which, in some quarters, is not considered particularly PC. Ultimate Force on the other hand, tries for political evenhandedness; which, in the final analysis makes it have less depth, because that way it becomes almost completely a 'military drama'. This is also the case, because the extra-military dimensions of the characters are toned-down and have indeed become almost non-existent in this season.

(3) sounds like it's connected to (2), but also to (1), because 'entrust' is a term with more than just the 'military competence' dimension. And when you come to think about it, the guys from The Unit are a lot like Mac and the boys of 'Phantom Strike' team, from Fontaine and Tethys. So it should not come as a shattering surprise to anyone that here, too, I'd rather know that Jonas 'Snake Doctor' Blane stands between mine and harm than Henry 'Henno' Garvie.

There are warriors and there are warriors.


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