Thursday, July 05, 2007

A wealth of stickers

So, this is what my recent proofing adventures produced. Each sticker represents a typo, punctuation issue, typesetto, surplus/leftover/misplaced word, et cetera. Makes you feel humble—especially since you know there's more. Still, these books have to go out there and this will probably be my last proofing run...

Meanwhile I've put a new front-page face on my website. Also, as so happens, with reading Fontaine and Tethys again while proofing them, I kind of got back into the story, and I'm thinking that maybe Dance of Tigers will take precedence over Bodies after all. Damn it, I like the sci-fi/fantasy medium. There's so much stuff you can do!

Also meanwhile, feel free to buy the books, from Amazon or Lulu. With Lulu's new content rating system, Fontaine and Tethys will only be accessible if you go to my website and click on the link provided on the cover images. Definitely too much sex and violence in them to qualify for 'general' access. Once they're available from Amazon, of course, all that becomes nuncupatory.

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