Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Today happens to be my birthday. I won't tell you the how-many-eth it is, and since I'm writing this from the opposite side of the world to where I was born, there are some issues regarding time-zones, but as far as I'm concerned this is it.

One of my daughters sent me three of the most screamingly funny cards—all sequenced, like "this is #1 and this is #2 and this is #3", because she was trying to make a point, I suppose; or tell a story. The most important thing is that I know she spent time on these things, and time is the one irreplaceable commodity in this life; time and, I guess, 'opportunity'. Together they combine to offer us 'choice'. On a purely personal level, what else is there? And so, thank you!

And, yes, equally dear other daughter, I know that you, too, have spent significant time on your dad, in more ways and on more occasions than one!

And all that talk about 'time', somewhat somberly perhaps, brings me to a man, who doesn't have much of that precious time left in this life. His 'least lecture' can be found here. This video is almost feature-movie length. So, be warned: it'll require some of your precious time! Bandwidth, too. It is an in-your-face reminder that, when it comes down to it, very few things truly matter. The pervasive blindness of most people to those things is at the very least saddening. This same blindness is also responsible for most of the human misery in this world.

Not nice thoughts for a birthday? And why not? Isn't it the one day when you should think of these things? 'Celebration' can take many forms. It doesn't have to be parties. I'd give all the parties in the world for one single important insight I haven't had before, or for the knowledge that some people do care enough about me to give to me, of their own free-willed choice, the gift of their time.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Till!! I hope you have a really great day. I'm looking forward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks for Sekiguchi Sensei's visit... it's up to us to make sure the week doesn't get too serious!! Lots of love, Carys

Till said...

Will see you there, though not for the entire session. Hugs.