Tuesday, October 30, 2007

In the Beginning Was the End (Parte Sexta): NZ»OZ

So, here I've been preaching the gospel of The-End-Before-The-Beginning, but sometimes...

Well, 'sometimes'.

We–that being my wife and I–have pondered the scenario of leaving Dunedin and going back to live in Australia for some time. The ideal situation would have been to get a job there while still here, then selling the house and packing up our stuff and sodding off to warmer climes. A safe kind of adventure, making one's own fate contingent upon the timing of processes vastly beyond our control and weighed heavily against us.

Phone job-interviews are not a very productive process; and I must admit that I have some sympathy for a decision-making on hiring someone for a job where face-to-face interviewed candidates get a better deal and where candidate-distance becomes an automatic factor for relegation to a less significant place in a potential employer's consideration. The thing gets worse for contract jobs that often require a fairly quick start.

So, bottom line, we said "enough" and "let us end this" and... well, yes..."in the beginning is the end" and "what do we really have to lose" and "what if instead of Y years old we were X years old" (with 'X' less than 'Y' by something like a factor of two) and we decided to end it in order to allow a new beginning. We're about to hand in our respective and required notices at our work-places, put the house on the market and become serious about getting those things done that need to get done if you're doing what we're going to do. Everything from new passports to transferring bank accounts to saying good-byes to everybody and sundry.

Big thing this. Kinda scary. But it's been some while in coming and our recent visit to the N.T. sort of provided the shakabuku. (By the way, I don't think that's a real word, and it may indeed have only come into existence in the movie Grosse Pointe Blank; which, by the way, was my favorite flick of 1997.) And here we are. The end is nigh. Departure date from NZ, if all goes well: Dec 2, 2007. The end of an era spanning more years than I'll admit to on a public forum.

Today was 'Resignation Day', far too long in coming, but entirely through my own doing. My elder daughter called from the UK to wish me a 'Happy Resignation Day'. The younger one sent me a text with basically the same content. My wife did the same thing in her workplace a day ago.

Things have become definite, and it's amazing how choices makes life easier. Never mind the consequences, which, given due circumspection or sheer dumb luck, hopefully will not be as dire as they would be had different decisions been made. But I'm all for choices as my trusty readers hopefully know.

So, this is the End, which has to come before the Beginning.


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