Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Unit rocks

Well, it's the 'new season' season in US TV, which means the TV series start up again, with NCIS, CSI Miami, Prison Break and The Unit the main ones in my sights. Since I've locked myself into the time-frame of the US schedules—meaning one year ahead of what is shown in New Zealand—by getting stuff through my trusty P2P networks, this is the way it's going to be, I suppose; though on some series I actually still have to catch up on some episodes on the previous season.

This is not the case for The Unit, which is a watch-asap show. The first two episodes of S3 resolved, sort of, the cliff-hanger of the end of S2. I can say that without being too spoiler-ish, because it was kinda predictable that they would do this. The interesting part was how they resolved it, with there being several nice twists, plus some clear political statements by the writers, and the producer(s), I guess. I don't disagree with any of them.

Above all it was good to see the boys back kicking ass, including that of their perfidious superiors. Like Prison Break, some of the scripting suggested a leaning toward a conspiracy theory that I'm not sure holds water; but what the heck: it's fiction! Besides, they may be right; though of course this theory, if it does hold water, is of such a nature that those who might feel threatened by having 'the truth' exposed can be reasonably certain that, by and large, nobody's going to, like, seriously believe it, because it's so outrageous.

I know that anti-American conspiracy nuts do believe it and probably consider it as a matter of 'duh' fact, but I don't really care much about their opinions. Conspiracy fervents, usually those found on the serious-left of the political spectrum, recall, for me at least, those PETA dementos who were indicted for cruelty to animals a couple of years back. The dark side of animal activism. And you thought you'd seen it all...

Anyway, The Unit is back as cool as ever, and aren't I glad to see the boys back!

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