Thursday, November 08, 2007

Moving (Part 3 of X): The Rest Of The Junk

The garage sale done, now there are the leftovers, many of them destined for 'charity'. This includes everything from crummy furniture that should have been gotten rid of ages ago, as well as things like miscellaneous pieces of wood, plank, board and a gazillion cans of spray-paint that weren't used completely, to clothes. Moving from the very changeable climate of Dunedin, a minimum of two seasons in your average day, to, initially, Brisbane encourages one, even females, to look at one's extensive wardrobe with different eyes. I have a quite small personal 'wardrobe', much to the chagrin of my wife who would like more variety and imagination there I suppose, but even I was able to produce a small mountain of clothing of the why-do-I-still-have-this kind.

The purge continues, but I really want this part finished by next week, so I can focus on the next part, which is...more purges, of course. Like the wardrobe in the study, which isn't a wardrobe but a 'storage area' for documents, stationery, photos, plus a miscellany of things that will need to be taken, but should be sorted out.

Yeah, sorting out. Our lives are going from an emphasis on 'painting' to one on 'sorting out'. Time, methinks, to also decide just exactly what it is we're going to put into our hand-luggage. The weight there won't be clothing, not for the 30-odd degrees Celsius of Brisbane, but two laptops, a MacBook and a (secret and powerful ward-off-evil-sign placed in this position in the blog) Compaq Windoze machine, plus some external hard-drives, plus my Sony FX1 with the essential accessories. My graphics tablet. Some essential documents. My iaito, though I'll probably ship the bokuto with the bulk of our stuff. Doesn't sound like a lot of items, but everything is heavy and together we only have 40 kg allowance, plus whatever we can sneak in hanging from our shoulders as 'cabin baggage': that would be the laptops and the FX1.

Still, somehow all this pales into insignificance compared to something else: the need to sell our house and preferably soon. It's 'out there' now, www and Otago Property Press, and there will be a sign outside today or tomorrow.

OK, House, so please find yourself a good home. And do not dally!

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