Friday, November 02, 2007

Moving (Part 1 of X)

The technicalities of moving are, not to put too fine a point on it, a pain in the ass. Both buttocks, plus some choice jabs in other places.

This time it's harder than ever. This time we've been put for enough years to have accumulated so much junk! junk! junk! that it's like wading through...ahh, words fail me.

'Junk' differentiates itself from 'valuable things' by several sets of criteria; which are occasionally mixed up, as is usual in this untidy activity we call 'life':

  • monetary value
  • 'memory' value
  • 'might-come-in-handy' value
  • 'object per se' value
The money thing works like this: Is item X worth taking—cost and effort wise—or can we buy it at the other end? Do we actually need it anyway? Will disposing of it (maybe selling) and having to re-acquire it or a similar object, mean a lesser or greater cost, in monetary and/or practical terms than shipping it?

Memory: Does it 'mean' anything to us or our kids? Does it qualify as 'irreplaceable' in terms of what it is?

Might come in handy: A classification admitting an infinite variety of what is junk. Hence the best answer is: who cares? Still, sometimes the argument is pertinent and must be considered. Still, going to Brisbane taking thick woolen pullovers for those few days that the temperature might just drop to the point where they 'come in handy'...well, that seems kind of pointless.

Value per se: Like my set of the Vance Integral Edition, such objects may well have a monetary value; but the deciding factor is, again, what they 'mean'—in this case not in terms of 'memory' but whatever other value might be attendant to them. Since it's really an emotional value-judgment all sorts of objects come under that heading.

Such considerations right now are being applied to just about every one of our 'possessions'. Some are easily decided upon; others require more extended consideration.

Moving as we do is an exercise in serious possession purging; including my customary 1/3 of current books in my library; some of which have already been sold on TradeMe, New Zealands national version of eBay, just like my old eMac, which has now found a new home in Christchurch. Other books will hopefully go tomorrow at our massive garage sale, and the rest will be donated to some good cause like the traditional Dunedin Regent Book Sale.

Looking at the pile of stuff we're going to try and sell tomorrow from our driveway, I ask myself: how did we get this overloaded with junkjunkjunk?

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nanarama said...

Hope the garage sell goes well and that everything goes! x