Monday, December 24, 2007

Have a Good Holiday Season, All!

And please, those of you who are actually in a position to have a good holiday, do spare a thought for those who, for whatever reasons, aren't as fortunate as ourselves.

I, for one, even without the thoughts of starving millions and without taking into account the miseries of people I don't know, know of several people who once had 'happy holidays', but who now, through the vicissitudes of random contingency, aren't in any position to enjoy themselves as much as the rest of us. It's even sadder to know that I am in no position to help them in any way whatsoever; and that is heartbreaking.

And, no, this isn't about 'me', because my heartbreak is utterly trivial compared to their misery, the despair they must feel, and the hopelessness that comes with...well, with no hope of it ever getting better, except through death.

And so, when we enjoy the convivial company of those we love and like, let us appreciate it all the more because of those who cannot. Pause to think of them and be grateful--not to some capricious, sick-to-the-core deity who treated you better than the other guy, but because, in the crapshoot of life, you and yours for this time around at least are safe.

Is there anything more important than that?

To my friends around the world, those few I dare call that and among them those who read this blog and therefore this message, please forgive me for not writing the usual cards or even missing out on an email I really should have sent you. It just wasn't, if you'll forgive me the pun, in the cards this year. Our timing was exquisitely out of tune with the festive season. Still, all seems to be turning out well enough, so there's infinitely more to be grateful for than to complain about.

Y'all be well. Y'all be safe. Y'all be happy. And may 2008 be better than 2007 was; how ever 2007 happened to have been to you.

Best wishes. With affection...

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