Sunday, December 16, 2007

Moving (Part 13 of X): Acquiring A Roof Over The Head

Well, we have one, of course, but a wise man does not encumber his friends for too long, no matter what good and forbearing folk they are—and our friends here have been incredibly accommodating to me and our needs, and have thus made things so much easier.

But with a job and a vehicle and a gazillion administrative details out of the way, it was time to find a roof over the head. How to do this, with our furniture still weeks and months away from getting here? And how to deal with the fact that we are definitely not going to just settle anywhere until we have decided that this is the place to be, whatever 'this place' happens to be, and where and when?

To avoid the need to purchase furniture—yet more, which we really won't need—I ultimately went for a furnished urban apartment in a brand new apartment complex, almost in the heart of Brisbane. Not exactly our usual style of life, but I'm treating this initial phase like an extended working-holiday, until we get some bearings. So we have a 3 month lease to rest for a while after the relocation and get our bearings.

I wonder where we're going to be then...

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