Monday, December 03, 2007

Moving (Part 8 of X): Moving Day +1

In Brisbane now. First day. Flight went without a hitch. Nothing unexpected, but when undertaking great enterprises it pays not to forget that they can falter or be wrecked, destroyed, annihilated, wiped out of existence by the tiny things. A small critical malfunction of one of the million components of the plane and the enterprise could have been stopped dead in its tracks. Literally.

So, yes, the fact that everything went, as one might have expected, without a hitch—except for the damn rattle of awfully assembled plastic fittings inside the Airbus, which is a crappy piece of European engineering, let’s face it!—is a tiny detail; yet it is as crucial as the grand plan.


Haszari said...

I think Airbus' first mistake was coming up with such an uninspired name.

They seem over-represented in senSATIONal documentaries about plane crashes too.

Though I do think they are more likely to be fitted out with standard headphone jacks making it much easier to use your own standard headphones.

Soulhaven said...

Headphones is good. Gotta be some positive. And the fact that the plane landed whole, of course.