Thursday, January 31, 2008

Moving (Part 16 of X): Ripping Them Up And Putting Them Down

Roots, that is; of the residential kind. On the day that the settlement for our, now former, house in Dunedin came through we made an offer on a place in Arana Hills, Brisbane, and signed a contract the day after.

Again, as those who knew our former residence will immediately spot, the house in on a sloping section.

It's also atop a rise but doesn't have a wide view.

Instead backs onto a wooded area, behind which are more houses, but further down the hill. The environment, if experience is anything to go by, makes for lots of colorful, and possibly quite noisy, Australian birdlife.

The front is shielded from the road by a wooden fence that not only provides privacy, but also dampens the noises of passing cars.

Finding a house wasn't easy. I spent endless hours going through pages and pages of Real Estate ads on the two main sites that cater for this kind of thing in Australia. Suburbia is a sometimes profoundly despressing place, which is one of the reasons why this here probably isn't forever either. But in the context of a modern city like Brisbane it's just about as good as you'll get within the range of not-quite-inner suburbs. When I finally finish with the job down the Gold Coast and very likely find contract or other work in Brisbane itself--there being, at a quick scan of about 20 times as many jobs in Brisbane for the likes of me than down the Coast-- then there's a suburban train station withing less than 5 minutes' drive or bike-ride and maybe 15-20 minute's walk. Or there's the bus, of course, but train is infinitely preferable.

So, this is all good. I consider us extremely fortunate to have found this place, because much of what we could afford and would therefore have been forced to consider basically fell into the 'depressing' to 'hideous' categories; both, from the point of view of location/environment and/or the characteristics of the dwellings offered. But the area of Arana Hills where the house is located qualifies as 'older', meaning most dwellings are 25+ years old and predate the rabid 'development' trends in vogue right now and which will probably get even worse, as if that were possible.

You wouldn't believe the kind of shit people pay huge money for in this town; all because house-prices here are still very much on the rise, what with the continuing influx of new residents into Brisbane, as well as into the surrounding areas, both up and down the coast mainly. It was an eye-opener, this brief sojourn of mine into the Real Estate pages of the web.

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