Monday, February 18, 2008

Blogging About Blogging and Other Incidentals

Do you 'blog'? Do you read blogs, other than the one you're reading now, either sporadically or on a regular basis? If so, why? If not...well, why not? As for me, I admit, that I seldom read them, mainly because (a) I actually don't have the time and (b) I have found few-to-none that would prompt me to re-visit them, if said re-visit competed with other requirements on my time.

For time is precious and ought not to be spend on things that don't either need doing or qualify as 'worthwhile' doing. Which is why, as a rule, I aim, in my own blogs not to waste my readers' time and give them something they can take away, just like I aim to do in my stories. If a blog doesn't add something to the readers' intellectual and/or emotional life then it's just self-indulgent blather.

This particular blog has a dual purpose, which makes it a tad schiz every now and then. For it can be on topics ranging from 'How's the move to Australia going?' to (coming up) 'Free Will'. Taken as a whole its intention is to keep-in-touch both, as a person with folks who know me/us, or as an author of a book or two they might have read. Or maybe, for someone drifting in at random--as sometimes happens--as a promotional tool. "Who is this guy? A writer? What does he write?" and so on.

Not that it has brought me riches, but there's always the third purpose, which is a record for myself. Because I've been doing this for a while now, and it's instructive to look back at what I chose to 'share' at this time or that. The question posed by one of my readers, a good friend, as to how I come up with these subjects, is one I ask myself as well, long after I've forgotten how I actually did. It's interesting to follow one's perambulations through the nooks of one's mind and whatever context it was that prompted this topic or that.

The nice thing about blogs is that, even if you write about really serious and weighty stuff, nobody's going to come and ask you to produce 'references' or proof. If they did, I'd tell them to go and find out for themselves, because this is a blog and not a treatise. In this way I can tackle subjects ranging from the nature of comic heroes to the fabric of the universe to the question of 'free will'; and I would like you to remember what I wrote just now when I do, because it will be a case in point of my argument.

In this way, it occurs to me, blogs are pretty much like SF&F stories, because nobody in their right mind will ask you for references for all your screwy story ideas either.

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