Monday, March 03, 2008

For Those Who Need Pictures

With regards to the previous blog, here is something visual...

The suburb where we have made our domicile is called 'Arana Hills', which, to speakers of Spanish, will immediately translate to 'Spider Hills'. These gaudy hunters are everywhere, stringing their extended nets between branches of trees, power lines, anything that brackets a space where victims will fly to their doom.


nanarama said...

Jesus! That is REVOLTING! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.

nanarama said...

and also- that is one scary-ass looking spider. I thought you wanted me to come home?!

Till said...

Revolting? yep.

But Mr. Spider? I thought he's very pretty. I held the camera quite close to get the shot and he just sat there, as he was, posing for the shot. Not very 'scary' behavior.

Also, he's an 'outside' kinda guy and with him around, and the geckos, the house should be comparatively free of other vermin. That's a good thin, I would say.

Julie said...


And I'm not talking about the roaches. Those floor tiles are scary! ;-) Glad you're ripping up the floor although I actually have some skills in that area and can lend a hand if you need it. Seriously, I'm a dream with a crowbar.

Till said...

I suspected that pictures might evoke some commentary!

Anyway, the tiles (which were just ancient lino underneath newer lino) are already gone. The floor polishers are coming next Wednesday to restore the beautiful old hardwood-plank floor that was hidden underneath.

More pictures in the next blog.