Sunday, March 02, 2008


Confession: I detest cockroaches. They are...well, yuk. I used to feel that way about spiders, but I don't anymore. Spiders are bizarre and strange and sometimes dangerous but cool. Cockroaches on the other hand, and especially big ones (>0.5') and even more especially real big ones (>1')...ahh...puke. Eeek. Shudder. I remember 3+' ones from my travels in South America years ago. These memories are the stuff of nightmares.

So, today, when I was taking apart the old kitchen in our new house, in order to prep it for the installation of a new one, and when I demolished old cabinets and found underneath them, in what had always been a place of dank darkness, the carcasses of several sizable roaches, who had died there because someone shoved a bit of killing paper (paper impregnated with poison) into that dark place; and when I found the leftovers of decades I daresay of roach-shit...eeeyaak!

Almost make me rethink my intention to have lunch. Shoulda had it before dismantling this particular cabinet... But I didn't, and there was the shit and the corpses and the filth and...

Did I lose my appetite? Not! The human capacity for compartmentalization is amazing. I managed to have lunch and not one be troubled by the images of the 1+' roach corpses lying in state in their excrement.

I do hope I'm getting the image across. Truth is, I'm just trying to gross you out. But you knew that, right?


Greg said...

Good to see that your into the renovations with all its discoveries.

Till said...

Some things could do with being undiscovered.