Sunday, March 23, 2008


So I figured out what was wrong with these bunnies—as you might have, too.

And. no, it's got nothing to do with Easter being made into a commercial fest, which it's been for ages anyway. For the likes of me, however, the whole 'bunny' thing was kind of important; certainly more significant than the Christian stuff. No surprises here. But what does surprise me was how strongly I reacted, emotionally speaking, to that army of Attack Of The Clones like array of Lindt choccie bunnies in Coles supermarket in Arana Hills, for this is where the pictures were taken.

Going back there today, the clone armies were gone, to the homes of a thousand willing consumers, and the few remaining Lindt bunnies were in pairs in special gift packs. It wasn't quite so obvious anymore then. The thing about the eyes, I mean.

These are Werebunnies! That's like Werewolves and 'Were'-anything, meaning something pretty damn sinister that'll come and bite you in the ass. So the eager consumers have a thing or two coming, never knowing what it was they so readily and innocently purchased at the store. And Lindt, I guess, must be in conspiracy with some world-wide clique that's planning to take over the souls of all those kiddies and adults who unwrap them, and who knows what's inside that tastes like chocolate, but in reality might be something considerably more sinister than a substance contributing to the worldwide obesity epidemic. Sorry, that should have been...


The conspiracy theories one could weave around this. And there we are worried about Heroin grown in Afghanistan! Worry about Lindt chocolate, folks! Wrapped up in a werebunny package and supplied by every supermarket in Australia—and the rest of the world for that matter, or so I would suspect.

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