Friday, April 11, 2008

Billionaires Like Danger...

...or so one would conclude, given the following snippet or information, gleaned from here, and combining it with this.

Blondes are said to have more fun but it seems brunettes steal the hearts of billionaires.

Brunettes [...] are more likely to marry a successful man than their blonde sisters, a study today said.

Experts checked the hair colour of the wives and girlfriends of the world's top 100 billionaires. [...] 62 per cent were brunettes.

Fair-haired women came in a poor second with 22 per cent of the world's top billionaires marrying blondes.

Raven-haired women enticed just 16 per cent of the world's wealthiest men, while not one of top billionaires is married to a redhead.

I always wonder who the abovementioned 'experts' are, but what the heck. Let's suppose for a moment that the input data are valid.

I wonder if the study included Eastern World (Middle and Far East) potentate-billionaires, and what the stats are when looking at them alone. In fact, given that the study included 100 samples—which is a crapload of billionaires, given that they are referring to the 'top 100'!—it might be feasible to divide the sample up into smaller chunks with regional stats. I wonder what that would tell us.

And, yes, there's another, hidden, implication here. Feminists' hackles should be rising everywhere. Not because of the apparent objectification of women, based on hair color; because that's not really what it's all about at all. But I noticed that apparently the top 100 billionaires are all men.

So I wondered how many female billionaires there actually are. Wikipedia came to help here, as it often does. So there a a few, mostly from Europe and the US. Anybody care to survey their male SOs? I bet that in this case, as in so many other gender-related instances, the results will not be symmetrical to those quoted above. It should also be added that some of the 'top' female billionaires are kind of...well, 'old'. Which might lead to yet more interesting criteria that one could apply to comparative studies.

In fact is there anybody out there with lots of time on their hands? The internet is all you need.

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