Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My Office

Contingency and luck have contrived things in such a way that, for several days a week, I can work 'remotely', which saves me a crapload of traveling. Also, it means that I can work in my improvised office, which is on my rear veranda. All very cool.
And here's another gecko shot. This one was tiny; barely big enough to eat a small moth. But, as a friend of ours said when I commented on the many miniature geckos in our house, "they'll grow up". Well, I hope so. You need a fair-sized gecko to dispose of the larger roaches around here.
To conclude, only for those interested in matters world-political, here's a 'why-am-I-unsurprised?' item from the WSJ. Peggy Noonan's dictum that "history is an irony factory" kind of leaps to mind, don't it?


Julie said...

Oh it's so cute! And the improvised office looks great. Talk about a lifestyle change;-)

Zeus said...

nice office man ... bt i hate that lizard .... got a post on em too :)))