Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.

Well, after many months of futile searching, fate—for want of a better term, though 'accident' is obviously the Absurdist's first choice—steered me from one place to another, and an inkling made me stop and ask myself "why not check it out?" and so walk into that store where I found...

Now, I've been searching for the old elf for a long time. Was going to sit it beside me onto the sensei's mat on the dojo floor, so the students could see it and remember to 'do' and not just to 'try'—which is something I've griped about before.

Anyway, maybe it was better that I didn't find Yoda then, because I have a feeling that the practice, though appreciated by my students, would have been regarded with less than open approval and appreciation by the PTBs. Martial Arts people tend to be excessively serious about the dignity of their activity, and to have Yoda there might have been considered...well, let's call it 'frivolous'. Which is wouldn't have been, but in my experience certain types of people sometimes have a hard time understanding my sense of humor, inside of which hides a very deep seriousness.

Yoda's here now though, as you can see, and a very nice Yoda figurine it is, too! And as we speak—well, 'as I write this'—he's sitting beside my screen, and making me wonder what it's all about...

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