Thursday, May 22, 2008

News and Commentary 22 May 2008 CE

From the frontiers of 'Everybody Get a Life!'...

Ted Kennedy has a Malignant Brain Tumor.

Ted Kennedy is 76. At his age, such tumors are fairly common. A certain Mary Jo Kopechne was not allowed to live to such a ripe old age, since she was killed on July 18, 1969 in a car at a place called Chappaquiddick. The car was driven by Ted Kennedy, who subsequently paid the sum of $US 90, 904 to the family of the victim. This wasn't the only questionable aspects of Kennedy's behavior with regards to that accident. Insofar as actions reveal 'character' these were of major revelatory nature. Still, Ted Kennedy continued to be a major influence in politics and the moral life of certain strata of US society.

Do I hear the words 'denial' and 'selective attention' being shouted from the rooftops? Not!

On a broader level, this also reveals yet again that the mechanism sometimes termed 'Cosmic Equipoise' is statistical and sadly lacks precision.

Australian Entertainer Denies Having Had Sex With Special Forces Personnel In 'War Ravaged' Afghanistan.

"Performers on the tour were warned they would breach Defence Force regulations if they fraternised with troops."

'Fraternise'? HAHAHAHAHA! I know that's the term, but let me repeat... HAHAHAHAHA!

Seriously though...
  • If she didn't then whoever claims she did deserves to be singled out for special treatment by 'Special Forces'.
  • If she did then whoever claims she did deserves to be singled out for special treatment by 'Special Forces'.
Meaning that in either case, I sincerely hope that the originators of these rumors, be they true or false, will get some night-time visits someday soon that'll forever cure them of their proclivities for sticking their noses into business that ain't theirs.

As far as 'fraternisation' is concerned, there's a hallowed tradition that it's regulated against by officialdom and basically ignored at everybody's convenience. All of which makes me think that the whole thing was cooked up by a journalist needing a story. It wouldn't be the first time.

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Haszari said...

I guess who dares wins... hur hur

Sounds like you're really starting to enjoy being in the centre of the media universe, Australia...