Monday, June 09, 2008

Asteroids Kill

Ever see Armageddon? Yeah, I know, the physics sucked and the 'America Saves the World' theme had anti-Americans everywhere puking all over the cinemas and DVD players. But, but, but...

The odds that a potentially devastating space rock will hit Earth this century may be as high as one in 10. So why isn’t NASA trying harder to prevent catastrophe?

So why is everybody expecting NASA do do this? What about the Russians? The Chinese. The Europeans? Why not expect some significant monetary input from the obscenely rich in the UAE? Do I hear the words 'self-serving damn hypocrites' and/or 'freeloaders' somewhere? We berate the US for their evils, social and world-wide, but then we also expect them to save our asses? Am I the only one who finds something wrong with that?

As to why NASA isn't doing anything, I have just one word for you: Ostrich. Or make that three words (four actually, altogether, and including 'ostrich'): Global Warming; and this weird current osbession with something that we'll probably survive, though it might give us some serious trouble. With that comes a bizarre amount of research-fund wastage on finding out—duh!—that the world is getting warmer, and, ultimately, there will be the realization—double-duh!—that it would have gotten warmer with or without us and that there's diddly-squat we can do about it.

But a killer asteroid is more than just 'serious trouble'. It's 'extinction', folks—for everybody, and not just a few cutsey species of animals, and probably even for roaches, because this is cery serious shit. So how about getting a life, remembering what matters, and giving the rsearch funds for Gobal Warming a miss and invest them into serious space-things? Like tomorrow, if that's all right!

But, not, it's gonna be 'ostrich' all the way, with you-know-which part of the anatomy most prominently displayed. I also sometime wonder just how much those bemoaning the extinction of animal species—something which has happened on a regular basis for billions of years—must actually despise their own species; thinking obviously, that an attempt to save it from total annihilation is somehow less worthy than...ahh, I don't know...saving some extremely rare species of snail maybe? It also occurs to me that these same people often do have children who are also members of the human race. So, where's anything to be found in their heads that even remotely resembles 'reason'?

The thing becomes even more bizarre and terminally existentially ironic when we consider, e.g., this and this (said 'this' being about serious human life extension)—which the same people who want to save cutsey animals but won't get worked up over the extinction of the human race, would probably find morally and otherwise objectionable. We're so close to becoming something more than we ever seriously considered possible—at least on a large scale—and now we should be wiped out by a cosmic accident because we're not looking over our shoulders? How stupid would that be? How horrible would that be? Think of the terminal nature of death. Multiply that by billions and billions. And then take a breath and get a damn life!

Of course, it could be that we haven't got a chance and that there's a fiendish cosmic mechanism at work that will nuke us as it may have nuked a gazillion species of intelligent life before us and may well do so for myriads of others coming after, somewhere in the cosmos. Yep, that's possible also. But I'll be damned if I'd allow myself to accept that. Where there's life, there's hope. Where there's death, there's nothing. Take your pick and choose.

The billions of dollars spent on space-technology aren't 'wasted' just because they don't feed starving people or aren't spent on 'Combating Global Warming'. On the day that that Killer Asteroid is finally heading straight toward us and we realize that we could have done something if only we'd had the brains, rather than the 'Global Warming' runs...on that day we'll know just how dismally stupid we were—and all those people those misguided idiots are claiming they're trying to 'help' with those resources not 'wasted' on space technology will be dead anyway, and their species—that being OURS, too, just in case those 'tards forgot!—imperfect as it was, will be extinct. And, as one fav Greenie bumper sticker says:


If only those idiots would heed their own slogans!

Still, as Robert Heinlein also once wrote, the human race has been nothing if not unbelievably lucky. Let's hope it holds for long enough for us to learn better and get away with it.

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