Monday, July 28, 2008

A Comment on Comments

As it sometimes happens, I received a comment on a recent blog—won't say which. I moderate comments I receive, for excellent reasons, all based on past experience. Some would call this 'censorship', but so be it. You can call it anything you like. But this blog isn't a 'forum', but a private display-board, if you will; and what I allow anyone else to scrawl on it is entirely my choice.

The comment I received contained statements I agree with. Unfortunately it also contained a link to a website, which I checked out and whose contents I do not wholly endorse; worthy though they are in many ways. Now, I could have just struck the website link from the comment and published the 'edited' version, but I'm not going to start that kind of game. If the commenter wishes to resubmit the comment, in its current form minus the link, or in some other form, he's more than welcome to do so.

I will, however, mention this: that comments with site-links will not be published, and especially not comments with links to sites that have an obvious connection to the commenter and could thus be understood as promoting said sites or engaging in similar acts of proselytization.

I don't put 'ads' on my blogs. Period. That goes for explicit ones as well as what Germans call 'Schleichwerbung': what translates into something like 'stealthy advertising' and is often known under the appellation of 'product placement'.

In the internet world of just about everybody taking just about every opportunity of making themselves better known and heard by all sorts of means, I am taking this stand because it seems like a good position to take up. It doesn't matter how worthy the cause and even if it is non-commercial. If I link to something it's because I endorse the linked-to organization so much, that my differences with them are paltry in comparison to my agreements. This is my prerogative and readers will have to live with this. No apologies made.

No doubt this will piss some people off, but that's life.

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