Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Bit Of News From Another World

I'll cite this verbatim; it's too precious not to:

Young man stabbed in 'potato peeler game'

A 20-year-old man found with serious stab wounds to his stomach outside his apartment in Hjo, south-west Sweden, apparently received his injuries during a game involving potato peelers.

According to Lars Johansson of the Swedish police, the man was involved in a game in which two people stick potato peelers into each others stomachs in order to prove to each other that they are real men. In this case, the game went a little too far.

Lars Johansson told Sveriges Radio that other young men in Hjo are also known to have tested playing the extreme game.

The young man's injuries were not life threatening.

The case is currently with the public prosecutor, who has not yet decided on what action to take.

The man who stabbed the 20-year-old with the potato peeler is not under arrest and was not hospitalized for any injuries.

Knee-jerk reflex compels me to look for a 'moral' here, but in this instance the mind boggles.

"Don't stab people with potato peelers," is one obvious thing here. But another is this—and if you follow the link to the article and browse through this Swedish news organ a bit more: living in a country with Sweden's extreme 'socialized' framework really, really doesn't help people to make better choices in their lives. If anything it's the other way around. I've heard of bizarre rituals proving manhood, but to be desperate enough to resort to potato peelers, that adds a whole new level of strangeness.

The whole question of "why potato peelers?" is yet to be resolved. It could be because these morons really are morons who think that they can't really, really hurt each other with such instruments; but who love to pretend that they can. Well, they can; so there. The other possible answer is that in a society like Sweden's where the state has virtually completely stripped the common populace of weapons, potato peelers are the most dangerous weapon still in public hands and, presumably, obtainable at any supermarket—though I wonder if a ban will follow soon enough. And then, how will the Swedes peel their potatoes—without a potato-peeler permit, that is!

In a country of real men they would have used proper knives and guns!

Still, one shouldn't mock the Swedes. After all New South Wales has made the carrying, without an excellent reason, of laser-pointers in public a criminal offense. Right now that only applies to the green, high-power type, but your common garden red laser is sure to follow soon. Just give those control-freak screwballs a reason or two.


nanarama said...

reaction 1: hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

reaction 2: you'd have to get a pretty particular potato peeler for that. You couldn't use the ones that have the blade mounted like at teh top of a Y-shape. You couldn't really use the knife-styled ones with the plastic all-round, you'd have to have the metal only ones.

reaction 3: (after sharing this with one of the guys at work) OUCH! That's a lot messier and potentially painful than a plain blade. I mean what if they pull down when they pull the blade out? That's extra cutting action. Owie!

reaction 4: FREAKS! I'm not going to Sweden any time soon and if I do, I'm staying the hell away from anything related to potatoes.

Till said...

I note with interest and approval that laughter comes first!