Thursday, August 21, 2008

More From The Frontiers Of The Bizarre And The Irrelevant

Woman died of natural causes; was not stabbed

What is the world coming to?

Tattoo Expo Performer Suspended by Metal Hooks Falls and Breaks Leg

The lessons here are too multilayered to grasp all at once: like don't perform at tattoo expos and definitely do not get yourself suspended by metal hooks (though wooden ones might be okay).

Mourners Shocked to Discover 'Dead Man' Was Just on Vacation

So death is just a vacation. The new metaphysics for the 21st century.

Dead carp find friends in songwriting husband and wife

Everything is grist for the mill of the muse.

Drunk Latvian boat captain found on Estonian island

He definitely crossed a line there.

Roseanne Barr: Angelina Jolie 'Evil,' Brad Pitt 'Vacuous'

Ugly pot. Pretty kettle. Black.

The Great Colorado cow and bear confrontation

Let me guess: Roseanne mistaking the bear for Brangelina?

With DNC in mind, city bans carrying urine, feces

Keep Obama smelling clean.

German nudist jailed after not paying fines

Seriously, if you looked like this, would you let the world know?
Warning: Potentially traumatizing images!

Russian-made police cars let criminals on Porsche escape police easily


And here's a selection from an 'organ' of the Russian State called 'Pravda', which means 'The Truth'—and as everybody could have guessed, anything with such a pompous-ass name surely has no connection with said 'Truth'. Indeed, Pravda makes a biased rag like the NYT look even-handed by comparison. Not only that, but there's some truly bad 'science' in here as well. So enjoy—or not, as the case may be.

Condoleeza Rice and the insult to international diplomacy

Hang on there! This is the country ruled over by someone called 'Putin', yes?

Jupiter and its moons prepare nuclear winters for Earth

I can't even begin to tell you how stupid this is!

Sex crimes increase dramatically in summer because of women’s scanty outfits

By comparison this appears almost sensible.

And, more disturbing images from a Russian 'organ' to finish off this litany of the inane...

Muscular bronze stallion with weird human genitalia advertises provincial hotel

Warning: this article contains disturbing images from another world.

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