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Redemption is a religious concept referring to forgiveness or absolution for past sins and protection from eternal damnation. Redemption is common in many world religions and all Abrahamic Religions, especially in Christianity and Islam. In Christianity redemption is synonymous with salvation.††

So, let's consider this whole redemption thing. Basically it's just the notion that you can be a total asshole and get away with it, as long as you make up for things at some stage before you're due for sin-repayment. Meaning also, that we're talking about 'sins' here, which should never be forgotten, because without sin the whole redemption thing has no meaning. It certainly hasn't for someone who doesn't carry the load of Abrahamic Religious conditioning. And you might want to remember there are a lot of religions unencumbered by 'sin'.

I don't know if it has ever occurred to you just how profoundly corrupt the concept of 'redemption' is; as is 'sin' of course. Both notions have done more damage to human progress—along the moral/ethical/spiritual path—than can possibly be ever fully appreciated. 'Redemption' is a conceptual parasite that feeds off a natural human emotion: guilt. Guilt for having done something that offends one's sense of 'right'; which is a feeling that goes beyond mere being socially-relative conditioned, because it is based on built-in factors.

The prevalence of 'redemption' as a theme in literature and the arts in general goes to prove just how much easily we are controlled through the abuse of our 'guilt'-weakness by religious and social manipulators. It would do all of us a lot of good if we took a step back and saw it all for what it is.

It's simple: if there is no 'sin', then there is no 'redemption'. Then all we can do is our best to balance the cosmic scales of equipoise as much as we can. But that's about it. It doesn't mean that the stains from past misdeeds are washed away or covered up or 'made up' for in any way whatsoever—just that, prompted by guilt or whatever suitably motivating emotion, someone ended up doing something that made him or her feel better than that other crap they did. If, in the course of such actions one gets a feeling that through a balancing of cosmic scales things become more 'right'...well, that's cool. It's probably entirely imaginary, but that doesn't really matter. As long as it makes the world a bit better. That's all we can hope and work for anyway.

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