Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Traipsing on: From the Merely Strange to the just plain Weird.

Now you see him; now you dont

If they convert this into a radiation shield, the money spent on the research could save the species. But I might be thinking too far ahead.

Sauna Championships

There so much more going on in this world that just the Olympics.


Another solution (at least for meat eaters).


With a shitload of luck The Guardian will be one of the first casualties of rising sea levels—but don't hold your breath.

Vampire Deaths

And you thought Angel in L.A. had a vampire problem!

Just keep focused on the really important things in life

I hope she keeps a doggy-poo bag and a pooper-scooper in her car.

"Now she works only on her own horse, Chanty."

Possibly R-rated! Seriously: you might not want go there!

Just snip it

There's lies, damn lies, and agenda-'science'.

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