Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why the US Election is Getting Funnier by the Day

We could start with this image from an article on, which is just the tip of the iceberg of anti-Sarah-Palin sentiment. The whole issue of the weird reaction of left wing feminists, whose screeds seem to echo among the loudest, is well analyzed by one Cathy Young, a contributing editor to Reason magazine, the flagship of Libertarian publications, which has no great affection for McCain or anybody smacking of religiousness.

The other day, some Australian friends of mine let fly with similar invectives. All of which makes me smile, because I think it's really funny, as the whole affair once again proves—as if proof were needed!—that there is no 'rational' discourse in the area of politics. It's all emotions, emotions, emotions, and the greatest fools are those taken in by the notion that reason comes into this anywhere. Which makes it the ideal playground for charlatans, hucksters and general fraudsters, who end up running the country on our behalf—as they have done for as long as there has been 'politics'.

I know, I know, I'm ranting, but so let me.

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