Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Good, The Bad and the Ridiculous

Let's start with the Bad:

Global Credit Crisis.

Shit finally hit the fan and is being sprayed all over this lovely world of ours. Main villains: The opportunist, selfish and utterly despicable rip-off artists profiting from this. I think I prefer serial killers.

The Good:

We live in Australia now.

The Ridiculous:

Barrack Obama and John McCain. The one an vacuous, but messianic, figure; laughing his ass off about those retards who think he's going to save them and the world. The other an old, tired, spent loser. One of them will be the next US President. The mind boggles.

Not that we have anything to crow about. Helen Clark in NZ and Kevin Rudd in Australia...

One of these days—maybe, probably not—we'll be graced with a 'statesman' in a leading position in one of our democracies. But I wouldn't hold my breath! And I do have utopian daydreams every now and then, too.

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Haszari said...

Cynical! When we lived in Australia, (and, WTF is that your "Good" item?), The Ruddster was one of the most compelling and sensible politicians around (well except for the best AU politician ever). He was destined for big things even back then.

Just be glad Monkey Boy has done his last morning walk back to the jungle.