Thursday, October 23, 2008

Queensland's Sky Is Falling

There's an epidemic at the moment, expressing maybe a deep-set fear of Queensland politicians that maybe there are large hard objects waiting to fall onto them from the blue, sunny skies—and I'm not talking about golf-ball sized ailstones, of which there are aplenty at the moment. How else could one sensibly explain the current propensity for everybody and sundry—though often female!—of wearing hard hats when being interviewed by reporters? It started with the Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh, and has—judging from todays appearance on the news by one of her female ministers, Judy Spence— propagated through the ranks of her government like the flu.

The Brisbane mayor also is fond of this kind of headgear. And, let's face it, he may have even more reasons to protect his precious noodle than the state's Premier.

And, yes, I know they'll explain all this away by pointing out that they're spending a lot of time on building sites and such-like. Excuses, excuses. Blahblahblah.

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