Tuesday, October 21, 2008

US Elections, Outcome Predictions

So, folks, here I am going to stick out my neck and predict not only the immediate outcome of the US election, but also the longer-term effects.


Obama will win, by what may be a landslide. (Doesn't take a magic well to work that one out; though there's an off-chance that McCain will miraculously turns his fortunes around. The man will need help from God and there is no God.)


The international situation will become very dangerous because of Obama's election, as—a scenario raised by Obama's running mate, the gaffe-ridden Joe Biden—every weirdo potentate, with Putin at the forefront, will have a go at trying the pipsqueak out for size. Said pipsqueak will blink—at least I hope he will. We wouldn't want a repeat of the Cuba debacle when JFK nearly got us all killed.

As a result of blinking—the first blink in a long line of what's going to look like pathological eyelid flickers—the US will eventually go from looking like a bullyboy to looking like a pansy. Obama's Presidency is basically going to be like a mix between the less savory aspects of Jimmy Carter's and Bill Clinton's.

And as far as the EEcOnomy is concerned—US and World—nothing will change where the juggernaut is heading right now. Human stupidity and CO2 have a lot in common. You go and figure that one out for yourself!

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