Friday, October 17, 2008

The Vultures Are Circling

One of the laws of...well, 'society' I that someone always profits from even the worst of things; and I'm not talking about things that are being made to happen, but just contingency. Relating to this, the following headline caught my eye:

Baby boomer deaths could fuel funeral industry

"...funeral directors await perhaps their greatest windfall ever: The death of the baby boom generation. ..."

No shit! I mean, this is getting kind of personal, what with me plus a lot of my friends being a member of that generation. Thinking of these people rubbing their hands in anticipation makes me want to puke. Never mind the 'everybody has to make a living' and crap like that. And there's also the argument that what's quaintly called 'funeral homes' actually perform a community service. Yeah, right! Indeed, I know people who have either worked in such places or have expressed an interest in doing so. In each case they have expressed their belief that they're rendering a service to the grieving ones left behind.

On a personal level, I don't doubt these folks' sincerity and compassion. But as an 'industry' and from a managerial point of view I doubt very much that anything but 'profits' and cold, hard business sense are the driving motives for running these enterprises. And if you thought that the rapaciousness of those currently actually profiting from the worldwide economic slump was objectionable, what about those making handy bucks from what is, by and large, the worst thing that can befall any of us?

You know, with all the anti-war, anti-MacDonalds, anti-'corporation' movies having been made, how about someone picking on the funeral industry? I'd also suggest anti-church, but that's been done, too. But the whole religious thing is closely tied up with the 'death' issue, so one could handily combine a really serious, nasty satire of funeral industry and churches all in one go.

Meanwhile, here's one corpse that your friendly next-door 'funeral home' won't have to process to any great degree, as the relatives already took care of most of that.

Family cremated mom on BBQ, kept benefits

I wonder what the actual charges are going to be, next to 'welfare fraud', of course. Maybe something like 'performing an unlicensed cremation'; or 'conducting funeral business on unlicensed premises'?

For something just a tad more cheerful, here's this:

Graffiti wall is vandalised

What's the world coming to?

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