Saturday, November 22, 2008

Brisbane Storms

So it's been a bit hard to blog as of recent, seeing that I was trying to deal with some basic issues of life—like how to proof our house against the surface water runoff in the wake of torrential rains. Lots of physical labor, but little quality blog time.

And then...well, last Sunday (16 Nov) some serious shit hit the fan. A celestial fan, you might say. Here's a YouTube video, where there are a gazillion more, if you're into reality-disaster movies.

I would have liked to take some pictures, but I was kinda busy, with the kind help of a friend, holding a wooden blind against a window that had just had its main pane smashed in by an errant branch from a nearby tree. Just as well nobody had been sitting on the sofa immediately underneath the window!

One of the neighbors had their kitchen plus basically the rest of their house taken out by a gum tree that had stood some five meters from the house, but now rested cosily in the breach it had created in the roof.

Power in our area was out for two days and two nights, with a gazillion lines taken out by trees or just power poles that keeled over.

The devastation was very localized. One suburb might have looked like a post-hurricane area, while the adjacent one had...well, just a bit of rain, plus lighting and sundry, but no hail the size of golf balls—and in some areas tennis balls, and some days later in a little town called 'Blackwater' the size of small Cantaloupes!—or any of the winds that leveled the lovely green forest area that was such an attraction of where we live. Now we can see for miles, across the suburbs and right down to the ocean, far, far away.

Anyway, lots of cleanup and prepping for the next storm that's been announced for later this afternoon.

The main hobby around Brisbane's internet geeks is watching the weather radar. Right now, as I write this, it looks innocuous, but I've seen that before. Changes within the the hour. And everybody in the path of stuff that's red, deep read and black, ducks...

More thoughts on the aftermath in the next blog, coming, or so I hope, soon.

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