Monday, November 03, 2008

JESUS! He's frelling EVERYWHERE!

I've mentioned this lunatic phenomenon before. You know, Jesus' face on pieces of toast, the skins of shriveled tomatoes; and, in full 3-D, in the shape of plant roots. Now apparently he started watching us from the skies over Sydney, as proved by the presence of a cloud that bore his likeness. Talk about big brother. And you're worried about the government and the corporate world?

There's even a video, so see for yourself.

This apparently isn't the first time, and when I searched around a bit more I found a website called 'visionsofjesuschrist'—what else?—and from there I found a link to something called, wait for it!, SpiritDaily, which seems to be like an online tabloid detailing going on in the spiritual world. A kind of Holy Pravda.

Staring in your face when you hit SpiritDaily ('.com' of course!) is an ad for a book entitled The Other Side, subtexted 'Incredible Details of Eternity'.

After recovering from a near painful bout of laughter, I followed the link to the book to here, and found that the person who wrote it obviously has a direct line to said 'eternity'.

What happens when we die, how to prepare, and what Heaven is like.

Everything you've always wanted to know. I'm so glad somebody can tell us. And make money with it. Ahh, yes, Jesus provides.

Also, you may be interested to know that network theory has seized upon Jesus and, paralleling the human disease gene network map...

...there's also a Jesus Network Map...

Make of this what you will. As for me I'm still laughing.


nanarama said...

I haven't had time to look at all of these links but all I can say is BRILLIANT! You are not the only one pissing themselves laughing. Holy mother of pearl, ppl are great, aren't they?

Till said...

It's because they're so great that Jesus went out to save them.

Ooops, got that wrong. He saved them because...

Ahh, f' it. Who knows? Who cares? Why isn't the Moon made of green cheese?