Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Fire Inside

Just going through a Bob Seger phase. Seger, as his aficionados will probably appreciate, is a poet, but he tends to be far less ostentatious about it than others, who shall remain unmentioned, and who have made a killing out of their 'poet songwriter' image.

Here's an oldie, Fire Inside (lyrics), with a very dated video going with it. Like in others of his songs—The Ring, Tightrope and so on—this song is about and almost written from from a female perspective; as much as a male can do such a thing, which isn't easy, as I can attest! I find this interesting in a number of ways; not least because most of the so-called 'poet songwriters', when they write about women, usually write from an explicitly 'male' perspective. So it's either about what effect women have on men, or else just what kind of, usually bad, things men do to women.

Seger appears to have no such inclinations. His songs are more about...well, 'life' and the kinds of things that happen. Some good. Some not do good. Some very good. Some really bad.

I like the guy.

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