Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dandies and Balls

One thing I've learned about life is this: nothing is as 'it should be'; or, to put it differently, as we have construed that it should be; or 'ought to' be; or would 'sensibly' be...this way or that, depending on our varied preconceptions of what all this is all about. Most 'things', objects, aren't; and even less so are people; and even less so are the myriad ways in which contingency screws around with our plans--benignly, on occasion; vexatiously disturbing the desired course of events, for the most.

There's only one sensible way to deal with this: roll with the punches. And, one might add, never give up; certainly not because things appear to be at odds with your well-laid plans and schemes and clever tricks and, not to put too fine a point on it, existential delusions.

What brought this up? Well, today I had one of those days. Trying to do some real productive work and getting the nose to the grindstone. And what did I get as soon as I started this? Network problems! Related to VISTA, of course. What else? I hate network problems. They're like...oh, in 'real life' a bit like plumbing issues, or drainage maybe. Totally boring, probably even for most plumbers, and utterly time-wasting. By the time you've tried all possible and trouble-shooting-advice-gurus' solutions and still it doesn't work, you feel like screaming "Let me out of this!" Surely, somebody will some day delete all network designers and general net-admin nazis, who require these shitty complicated systems; plus, of course, Microsoft engineers, whose skills in practical, functional, helfpul User-Interface design are like ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, NIL, RIEN NE VA F... PLUS! People have flipped for much lesser reasons! The asylums of the western world have to be littered with the debris of minds destroyed by the abomination called 'Windows'. Though I fancy that without the same agency, many psychiatrists would be considerably worse off, and possibly the equivalent of the GDP of small-to-medium-sized third-world nations, would have to be subtracted from the collective income of the profession.

Grrrrr.... Kill kill kill...

But to more lighthearted things. Thought I'd share this idle reflection made by a recent visitor to the Vatican. Apparently, the costumes of the Vatican's Swiss Guard were designed by none less than Michelangelo, though according to Wikipedia this isn't so, but they were designed much later. Whatever the truth may be, the recent visitor to the Vatican commented that surely their creator/designer had been gay. Who else could have come up with...this?

Or maybe the creator was a jester, whose prank on the Catholic church, left it with one of the most excruciatingly tasteless and laughable costumes ever. On the other hand, if you look at the rest of the mummery associated with Catholicism—and most religion, period!—it all fits in perfectly. Ahh, what a strange world we live in.

And here's one for the PC crowd, just to rile you up a bit and maybe perturb your word-view just a tad.

Balls and Brains

Just remember what I wrote at the beginning.

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