Saturday, March 28, 2009

Evolution of a Planet

Tethys, the watery world on which most of my novels so far have been set, grew from a single small facet of a small continent, with the creator (that would be me) not caring much—at this stage—about what lay beyond. It wasn't the time and the place yet. There was only Keaen and The Valley; with the map drawn in pencil by Paul Rhoads, friend and former Editor-in-Chief of the VIE, according to some crummy computer-drawn stuff of mine.

Then came Finister, and that changed things. Author and readers had to pull back a bit and see things in context.

So, first there was Finister itself, which was conceived almost independently and drawn that way.

But people had to get from The Valley to Finister, and they had to have a reason and the means to do so.


And finally, a first draft of the world itself. Crummy sketch, but it was a start. Remember, if you build worlds you need maps, maps, maps!

This is what you'll find inside the books, because grey levels don't reproduce very well.

On the back covers of the books is a more colorful version. (This will disappear in the next rework of the covers, which is imminent.)

A version of this also ended up on my website, but then I thought about producing an animation in DAZ Studio, with a spaceship flying around the planet. And that meant that more was needed. So...

Nahh, still not good enough. Need some clouds and these landmasses definitely aren't green like that. EEEK!

So, next two iterations.


Hiding the lack of physical-feature detail in the land-masses, which will come when I have some more free time, which is very sparse at the moment.

And this is the evolution of Tethys so far...

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