Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Creepy Office

I'm glad somebody said it out aloud. Wrote it anyway.

It's one of those near-taboos in many societies, fostered by the corporate world, mainly for the purpose of manipulating their employees and profiting from it.

Upbeat office culture fake and creepy

I must confess that the attribute 'creepy' hadn't sprung to mind with me before reading this, but now that I look back on at least one place I worked in the past, where the bosses were actively dysfunctional, the culture was not only hypocritical to the nth-degree (n >> 1)—and apparently continues to be so, reaching new heights of, yes, 'creepiness' is a good word!—it isn't that hyperbolic a term.

I think most of us, who have worked in offices (or shops or anyplace which closets people into rooms together), which are a breeding ground for this kind of culture like dead meat or shit for flies, basically know that this is true. Right now, I am unbelievably fortunate with my choice of workplace for the last 16 months; and over and above that I telecommute for several days a week. But I know what it can be like, and some friends of mine are still stuck in a place that's got to be experienced to be fully understood. I sometimes feel that right now is a kind of payback for years of office-creepiness; but I also know the truth of the matter and bow to the fickle Lady Luck.

The author of the article concludes with this thought:

So what to do if you hate your job or feel like you’re wasting your life?

"I think take those feelings very seriously," says Mr de Botton, who says having a crisis of meaning is completely normal.

"On a Sunday afternoon, the light is dimming; a lot of us feel ‘well where am I really headed?’ But then we try to quash that thought, we put on the TV or go jogging or something.

"My advice would be stick with that thought, allow yourself to have a crisis, take the crisis as seriously as it deserves to be, because it is a major part of life."

Sound familiar?

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