Friday, April 24, 2009

In Motion (Again...)

Blogging is a tad spotty these days, not least because other matters have intervened. Nothing 'bad', I hasten to add; just stuff that takes up mind-space and time.

Mind-space and time... Wouldn't you now it? Could it by chance have anything to do with moving house? You betcha!

"Why, why, why?" You wouldn't believe how often I—and my wife and just about everybody who knows about this—have asked that question.

The answer is complicated and multi-faceted, but only for pedants. At the heart of it lies the desire for space. There's also the general effect of city or suburban noise, which a lot of people can happily live with, but which I, for one, never found conducive to contentment. Then there's light pollution. For me that a real biggie. For anyone stepping outside urban light pollution and looking up into the sky it should be a biggie. If it isn't or doesn't look like it is, I suspect it's either just simple denial of the obvious and/or would-like-to-but-it's-too-difficult, or a case of CUDS (Compulsive Urban Dweller Syndrome).

Besides, we're in bloody Australia! The vast majority of its populace has squeezed itself into a minute—compared to the available free space—urban area, most of it into a strip along the eastern and southern coast. This is done mostly because for practicality. Urban areas is where people work, and with the distances involved in this country even a non-Greenie would readily see the difficulty associated with extra-urban commuting. This is the lifestyle imposed on the species by itself and historical contingency; not only in Australia, but, or so it appears, throughout the world.

Still, I repeat, we're in Australia, and with my own work-style, which involves significant telecommuting—a style I intend to pursue as far as I can—'distance' doesn't matter so much, and therefore certain constraints do not apply. So...

The enterprise was not simple, even before the actual move, which is still a couple of weeks off. Selling a house right now is a losing proposition, and we finally gave up and are renting it instead. Meaning that the place we bought—and which is located near Woodford, north-west of Brisbane—is stretching things a tad. But, as someone once said to me, it all amounts to making a decision as to what place you'd want to come home to after the day is done, and what you're willing to pay for it.

We could have waited with doing this, but, just as it's a bad time to sell right now, so it's a good time to buy, and especially anything 'rural'. So, we're going to hang on to our house 'in town' until times get better and take it from there. I've held off with telling people about this because of the to-ing and fro-ing with selling/renting and subsequently the dicking around by the bank. Until yesterday the mere fact that at the moment banks are being very tardy with loan processing—and it was a case of it almost all going terribly wrong—had us on tenterhooks and our nerves on edge.

Anyway, looks now like it's all going ahead (touch wood) as planned. So, in a few weeks we'll be 'rural', with 5+ acres to take care of. This will create a whole raft of issues. Indeed, it will! And no doubt you'll her of it in due course.

Gonna be a busy year...

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