Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Moving Time

Yep. It's happening. Day after tomorrow we're going to hire a 3-ton moving truck and shift ourselves. There'll probably be more days of moving stuff over, before our current residence gets taken over by the people who have signed up to rent it. By the time that's done, the operative catch phrase will be "enough already!"

I'm hoping—and we're intending to make it so!—that this will be the last move for quite a while. I never say 'forever' because that's got a terribly terminal ring to it; but 'indefinitely' is definitely an indefinite definiteness. If that makes any sense.

After the move, or so I would hope, more regular blogging may resume. And writing. There's a novel waiting to see the reality of the typed word, and it's clamoring for attention with a louder voice every day. That's the way I know that it really is ready to be attended to as it should.

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