Sunday, June 28, 2009

Incomprehendingly Incomprehending

Well, I just listened to the two oldies on At the Movies dissing Transformers: RoTF, as I had known they would. I would have been utterly surprised if it had been any different.

I point at the last paragraph in the previous blog. Never mind their rationalizations; they're all just that, as such things always are.

The world is divided—among other things—into people who 'get' XF2 and those who don't. I guess I should feel honored by obviously belonging into David Stratton's (that's the guy who talks with his hands folded in his lap; his body appears to be incapable of assuming any other position, or else he'd hiding something) category of, and I quote: "Kids who leave their brains at home should have fun with this monster of a movie."

Seems to me like Dave and Maggie left something else at home—or maybe it's now in the freezer. It certainly isn't used any more.

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