Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No statement should be believed because it is made by an authority.

So wrote R.A. Heinlein, and it occurs to me that the situation in Iran is a case in point.

The supreme Whoever declared that since an Islamic state does not cheat it must be clear that there was no cheating in the recent elections.

Surely, a supreme case of 'reasoning'–which it definitely is. It's logic supreme. Proving yet again that logic in itself is classic GIGO. And there was a lot of GI to go around here. And people are dying because they know it and because they're fed up.

Think about this, people: how many nations on Earth today could you think of, whose people are willing to bring those kinds of sacrifices to shake of the brutal and naked tyranny of a militia-backed theocracy?

I know there are some who would like to! But does it really take Iran to actually at least to try and act on it?

Whether it succeeds or fails—and I fear it will fail, and yet I hope that it will succeed, without the need for yet another lunatic bunch of despots leading it!—it should be an example to all of those who preach, but who ultimately refrain from putting their health where their loud mouths are. We could only wish to have that kind of civil courage.

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