Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Smurfs Are Coming

We still have a whole village of Smurfs, stashed away somewhere in a box that we've been carrying around with us since the days when our kids ceased to have an active interest in the little blue blighters and their red-hat-ed wise old Papa Smurf.

There's also Gargamel, of course, the idiot evil wizard, who could never figure out that if only he'd used the rules of the game somewhat differently, he could long ago have nuked the pesky Smurfs out of existence, or into slavery or whatever we might have been up to.

Well, Gargamel, if you're around somewhere, here's another chance at having a go at the Blue-Ones. I mean, just think, having them all gathered in one place and all. You could do some serious evil magic, right? Right!

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