Saturday, July 25, 2009

Keaen, Finister, Tergan, Fontaine, Tethys, Seladiënna, Continuity Slip

Esteemed Readers,

Yes, there appear to be some, because there actually are sales. It's not a flood, but people read the books.

If you are in my 'readership', could you please, please do me a big favor and write some reviews—if that seems like a worthwhile thing to do. Such 'worthwhile-ness' might exist if you either consider the books a total waste of your time and money, which is possible, or if you are in that select group who not only know about them, but have read them and think that it's a damn shame that they linger in obscurity and the world of self-publishing, while so much crap is being peddled in the shops; implying that stuff is being published and pushed into the book outlets.

They say that any publicity is better than none, and evidence appears to support that contention. The best publicity I can think of is if my readers seem to think that my stories are good enough to invest their precious time to write reviews—especially if they're not in the business, as it were of reviewing. If people are prompted to express their enthusiasm for something they've read—I know this sounds a tad over the top, but we're talking 'promotion' here, and besides, there's nothing wrong with being enthusiastic about something one really likes; as opposed to "Oh, yeah, that was OK."

If anybody feels like that about the Tethys series, Seladiënna or maybe even the lightweight Continuity Slip, please do me that favor, if you could.

Another thing. If you purchase these, it's faster and cheaper for you—if you live in Europe, the US or Australia—to buy the books directly from The easiest way to find them there, is to go to this site, and click on the 'i' links beside the books at the bottom. This will get you to a page where all the book covers shown link to the originals—and you can get the download versions as well. The latter are cheaper, but you know what I think of reading books from a screen. Still, better that way than not at all, I guess.

Finister and Tergan are also available from Amazon, and I'll add the other ones in the Tethys series within the next few monts. It's just that I still have some ideas about changing a few cover images. Maybe, maybe not. We'll see. Revising books for Amazon distribution costs me extra money, which I can ill afford to spend at the moment. On it costs nothing.

Another benefit of people getting my books from is purely for me: I get more royalties/book. Call me selfish, but even that way I won't be getting rich from the sales!

Reviews from are easily copied and pasted to the relevant Amazon pages, or vice versa, of course. Saves a lot of work.

So, if you could do that—especially if you like my stories—it would be very much appreciated. One day, if and when some publisher finally picks them up, you can say that not only are you among those who 'discovered' the, but also that you have editions from a time when publishers didn't even look at them.

To those who choose to help me with this, a heartfelt thanks. I mean it. A story-teller is nothing without his or her audience.

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