Thursday, July 09, 2009

News that Matter

Among the crap that passes for news—and, yes, I'm including those on the 'political' front, and, yes, those promulgated by the 'serious' organs (love the word 'organs' when connected to news!)—the ones that tend to get lost in the melee of attention grabbers are those that relate to us individually. Stuff that's about ourselves as people, as creatures, as minds, as mortal beings who would love not to have to get sick and/or age and(no 'or' here!) die, and things like that.

We tend to forget about these kinds of things, unless they're held up in our faces—because we or those we care about get sick or old or dead. You listen to, read, or watch the crap on the 'media' and you drown in what amounts to irrelevancies.

Science is a vast field, and it is true that much of it probably is of no interest to most people, who'd rather hear about the results emerging from said science—well, some of them. But surely those parts relating to anything having to do with our health and also our nature—as much as science can contribute to the understanding of the latter—should be of major interest and attention.

Well, here's a way to be reminded daily, and prompted maybe to probe and do some directed internet browsing. Just pick the topics you're interested in. Trust me, it's worth it.

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