Thursday, July 23, 2009

Only in the USA (well, maybe...)

I have taken the piss out of the Germans on occasion, and well do they deserve it. But this here is so 'American', it makes me want to cringe in embarrassment for those Americans who surely must cringe just as much as I; and who probably feel that this ridiculous circus only adds to the already huge trove of anti-American prejudice already littering the world.

2 cruisers lead Jackson mementos to cemetery

Two hearses jammed with stuffed animals left in memory of Michael Jackson were given a two-car police escort Friday to the toys' burial at Woodlawn Cemetery...

OK, so the police higher-up muckamucks weren't happy with the action, as you'll find out when you read past the first sentence, but that doesn't change the bizarre nature of what's going on in the aftermath of MJ's demise.

I understand that it was unavoidable: the time, energy and bandwidth wasted on reporting on the death of Michael Jackson and its interminable aftermath.

Let's have a little reality check though. When the catharsis has run its course and people have stopped sobbing and self-indulging in their real or proxy grief over the King of Pop; when history has run its course a bit further and revealed the utter irrelevancy of all of this...

...then maybe it will become clear that the murder of Neda Agha-Soltan, drowning in her blood on the streets of Tehran, will have made more of a difference to anything that any element of the 'pop' culture that so occupies the dull-witted public's attention and clogs up its mental arteries.

By now, of course, the news of that girl's death has long passed from the short-term attention of most western media and their consumers.

I mean, who cares about the millions in Iran trying to attain something that we not only take for granted, but treat in a very cavalier and careless fashion, by surrendering more and more of it to progressively more powerful nanny-state governments in the name of so many dim-witted rationalizations that one hardly knows where to start enumerating them.

Oh, yes, that 'something' is often called 'liberty'.

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