Monday, July 27, 2009

Romance Forever?

Well, here's a newsflash that should put a spanner in the works of commonly spouted wisdom about love and life. And hopeless romantics should indeed take heart.

Contrary To Widely Held Beliefs, Romance Can Last In Long-term Relationships

...companionship love, which is what many couples see as the natural progression of a successful relationship, may be an unnecessary compromise. "Couples should strive for love with all the trimmings," [the researcher] said. "And couples who've been together a long time and wish to get back their romantic edge should know it is an attainable goal that, like most good things in life, requires energy and devotion.

All warm and fuzzy. But, yes, don't expect it to happen miraculously. Those who expect it to be 'free', will be disappointed. No surprises there.

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