Tuesday, July 21, 2009

There are some things one would rather not know about...

...and there was something I read today that's even more despicable than the flogging I blogged about some time ago. Actually, it's just the natural extension of it; the logical consequence of a whole series of developments and mental events, that brutalize a person to the point of no redemption. Or, should I say, of a person allowing himself to be brutalized. For no one is just a victim. 'Choice' does come into it, and explanation cannot become exculpation here.

Warning: this link, though it does not contain a video, nonetheless has descriptions of acts of brutality against women; which, if someone wrote about them in fiction, would be dismissed as the feverish imaginings of a sick mind. Don't go there, if you don't think you can stomach it.

In the event, I happen to have suitable place in Aslam, where, without specifics, I can at least allude to these events.

I have a lot of imagination—at least I think so—and that goes for the good and the bad. But it would never have occurred to me that, as a matter of routine, people would really do this kind of thing. People who call themselves 'civilized'.

In this case though, it is purely incidental that it's all under the umbrella of 'religion'—even though it comes in handy, as it usually does. But here it is nakedly just what seems like ordinary people becoming unforgivably and, at least to my mind, irredeemably evil.

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