Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where are they now?

This came up the other day in conversation, as such things do. There are, of course, TV programs that have this as a subject, but the conversation was more about actors specifically. You remember them from times gone past, but they've kind of sunk from sight—at least the kind of sight that has them appear in tabloids, on current movie posters or heading up casts on TV series. Doesn't mean they've stopped working, but they're not working as prominently and 'out there'.

I have little hope that the same will happen to some of the current headliners, many of whom—as has always been the case, I suppose—are basically a bunch of fatuous bores, kept aloft and in prominence by publicity and media machines, all of whom make whooping profits out of doing it. Gossip rags are even worse offenses to sensibility—and the 'truth', of course!—than your average mainstream 'newspaper'. And that's saying something!

Anyway, among the 'where-are-they-now-?' actors, I recently chanced upon two moderately heartwarming examples of former 'stars'—not huge ones, but they definitely had their day in the cinema or on TV—who may have sunk into some obscurity, but who not only are still 'working' and presumably earning a living, but who ended up getting married to their romantic or semi-romantic opposites in whatever show or movie made them famous; and who, surprisingly perhaps, are still married. Which, of course, makes my 'two examples' into 'four'!

The couples in case are Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowsky, who met on the set of Crocodile Dundee in the latter 1980s and hooked up soon after...

...and Michael Brandon and Glynis Barber, who appeared in the TV series Dempsey and Makepeace in the latter 1980s.

Must've been the time for that kind of thing. Call me a silly romantic, but I always thought that was kind of nice in both cases. The pairs had obvious on-screen 'chemistry', as people tend to call it, and that wasn't just imagined—obviously. The fact that they're still together in both cases, and even have produced offspring...well, it kind of shows how people can move on in life, and how being in the spotlight of fame doesn't have to screw you up. When you compare that to the people it does screw up, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Or not, depending on your disposition. You may think it's all pretty silly, really. Indeed you may.

But sometimes it's just...nice...when a bit of fiction becomes a bit of reality. Of course, it doesn't happen all that often—which makes these four people into something remarkable.

I think so, anyway.

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